Your business deserves a CEO.

Do you find yourself longing for business growth, but feeling stretched thin just managing the current workload? It’s time to promote yourself to CEO of your company and get the skills and strategies to create manageable growth.

The CEO circle is an intense 3 day workshop. You’ll learn and implement more during these 3 days than you would in 6 months being in your business. You’ll walk away with a fully constructed marketing plan, sales strategy, and plan to increase team performance. Your vision for your company will expand as you see HOW to make it all work.

October Workshop


December Workshop


Here’s what you get:

Is this event for you? The CEO Circle is for:

  • 3 days of focused instruction
  • A workbook
  • Customized spreadsheets
  • Lunch and snacks
  • A chance to learn from master trainers
  • Networking with high level entrepreneurs
  • Serious small business owners
  • 100% engaged entrepreneurs
  • Business leaders managing teams
  • Business owners looking to scale and expand their business
  • Businesses with the resources to expand (It will take time and money)
  • Companies that are headed to $500,000-1Million in revenue

Workshop Time and Dates:


Monday 10/16/17 to Wednesday 10/18/17

9:00am Monday- 6:00pm Wednesday, EST (ATL, GA)


Thursday, 12/7/17 to Saturday, 12/9/17

9:00am Thursday- 6:00pm Saturday, EST (ATL, GA)

About Amy

Amy Walker is an International Speaker, Executive Business Coach, Radio Host, and Author. Amy has been featured in Fast Company, US News and World Report, and CEO World Magazine. Amy is a mom to 5 boys, living in a town of 400 people in North East Georgia running a million dollar company. If you want to build a strong foundation to get your product, service, or message to the market, Amy is definitely your girl.

Day 1: Marketing

  • Stop waiting for customers to magically find you. Put the plan in place so you can have consistent lead generation that fits in your marketing budget.
  • Build a fully functional marketing plan with all the details and timelines.
  • Learn the checks and balances to ensure that every strategy creates the highest returns.
  • Equip your team to bring marketing in house for the most cost effective marketing strategies.

Day 2: Sales

  • Want consistent sales? You need a sales system. 
  • Sales scripting. Using our tried and true templates, you will write the scripts needed for your team to successfully convert.
  • Sales Skills: Very few people are born salesmen. Most of us simply need to learn the psychology and skills associated with closing deals.
  • Sales Systems and team: Accelerate your growth by building a sales team. You’ll need a system built and ready to go. Learn what it takes to run a sales team: how to pay them, how to hire, how to train, and how to manage.

Day 3: Leadership

  • Most small business owners lack vision and never get peak performance from their team members. Chart the course for success by clearly defining your company mission, brand promise, methodology, and strategy. Your team will only support what they understand. 
  • Set standards and learn strategies for increasing team performance
  • Build your skills and systems for recruiting and hiring
  • Communication, communication, communication. Make sure your business is a drama free zone through managing expectations, navigating change, tough talks, incentives and increasing morale.

I had no idea what it meant to be a business person before working with Amy Walker Consulting.

I literally started my business with one client in my office. Now I am working three days a week and more, not including working on alternative ways to grow income outside of the office.

My numbers have grown and I have reached goals that I didn't truly believe I could achieve in such a short amount of time.

I will continue to reuse all that I have learned for all of my current and new business adventures. This training did more than teach me how to be a leader in business. It taught me how to be successful in life. 

Thank you Amy Walker Consulting 

-Rachel Kelsch, Owner @ Balanced Well Beings

Amy is a dream come true. We have tried several times to start businesses over the years, only to get frustrated and give up. Now, with Amy by our side, when we reach our limits, she is there to help us know what to do and where to focus our efforts. 

We have quadrupled our revenue so far with her guidance and expertise. 

We would recommend Amy to anyone serious about building their business. 

-Brian and Emily Halley, Owners @ Right Think Branding

Still have questions...

Can I bring my business Partner or team members? 

This conference is for business owners only. Your partner is welcome to come, and we do offer a discount for business partners. It is $850 for the partner price.

Where are the conferences held? 

The majority of our events are held in Greater Atlanta Area. We have a couple scheduled in Salt Lake City.

What additional expenses are involved with the workshop?

We will cover lunch and snacks. You will be responsible for your transportation, lodging, breakfast and dinner.

Who will be the trainers?

Amy Walker will be the main trainer at your event. If additional trainers are brought in, they are certified coaches from the AWC team.

Will you be selling other programs at the conference? 

Yes, but trust us it is not a pitch fest. We’ve been to conferences that sell more than they teach and they bug us too! We will have a 1 hour meeting in the afternoon where we can introduce you to our coaching services. We’ll show you how we work with business owners, and their teams to increase performance and productivity.

What if my business is just starting out, is this a good fit for me? 

If you are a first time business owner, probably not. This training is advanced and operates under the assumption that you have the basics of your business in place i.e basic products, services, and processes and that you already have clients. This conference is focused on expanding your business. If you have been a successful business owner before, and are looking to start a new venture, you would probably do great at this conference.